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Dr. Judy Guess is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist in Bryan, Ohio offering individual psychotherapy for teens and adults.


Thank you so much for stopping by my page. It may have taken you some time to even begin to search for help, and I'm so glad you are considering the journey. Many of us want to figure things out on our own and there’s often an inner voice with the message, “Seeking help is weakness.” After over a decade in this field, I have seen incredible courage and have been honored to witness over and over the strength it takes to unveil your true self underneath all of the defenses we use for survival.

Depression symptoms can keep us from living a life with color.  When it's hard to get out of bed, take a shower, or even get the mail then it is next to impossible to "Live Laugh Love".  Anxiety symptoms can also be overwhelming. The constant dialog of questioning everything you think, say, and do is exhausting.  Going over and over future scenarios and past events keeps us from enjoying the only thing we truly have - the present moment. It is rarely a single set of symptoms, but rather emotions  oscillate between feelings of depression to feelings of anxiety.  

The Good News

If you are experiencing difficult emotions then your body is working on your behalf.  The symptoms are not there to keep us "happy", but rather the symptoms are there to keep us safe and warn us about possible danger.  Often, our emotions and defenses are protecting us from possible pain while they are also limiting us in the present moment. 


If making sure everyone was happy in your house was a way to survive as a child, then the same behavior that kept you safe in the past may result in the draining effect of people-pleasing behavior today.

Most of our struggles have been created and/or nurtured in past relationships. Those relationships could be with parents, siblings, care-givers, neighbors, teachers, or coaches just to name a few.  To heal from pain created in relationship, the healing must happen within relationship.  The therapeutic relationship can be a wonderful space to focus on your needs in the presence of a compassionate witness. Please contact me if you are ready to take the next step on the incredible journey of self-discovery.  I look forward to working with you.

~Dr Judy Guess.