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What to Expect at Your First In-Person Appointment

How to find the building.

The Rear Entrance

If you are coming into the office, there are a few things that may make it easier. The address is 126 N Main St, Bryan, OH 43506. Your GPS will bring you directly to the front entrance of the building. However, I use the rear entrance for the practice. The front of the building is an entrance for Title Assurance Group.

The back entrance to the building can be reached by the alley or by way of the library parking lot. There are typically a couple of parking spaces available near the back door or there is two hour parking available in the library lot.

The back door has a few steps on a porch and a glass door with "Dr. Guess" displayed. Come right on in and the waiting room is just inside and to the left. If the door is locked (I have been known to occasionally forget to unlock the door in the morning or after lunch) then you can ring the doorbell that rings right to my office where I am probably waiting for you to come in.

Oh the Paperwork

The Waiting Room

I will come and get you in the waiting room and lead you into the Therapy Room where you can fill out the paperwork. It typically takes 5 to 10 minutes and consists of some demographic information, an informed consent, and an agreement for payment.

After you finish the paperwork, I will check to make sure I have everything needed if you plan to use insurance, go over informed consent, and explain to you how payments work.

At this time I will also get a copy of your insurance card (if used) and put your credit/debit/HSA card information on file.

The First Day

Your Spot / My View

After all the necessary paperwork is completed, here we are - two strangers in a room for a clinical session (officially 52 minutes). This is your opportunity to tell me what brings you to therapy. I typically take a lot of notes at those first sessions when you are giving me all the important details in your life. Your relationships, your family, your history, your environment, and specifically what situations bring you to the appointment today.

It may take a few sessions to lay the groundwork or you may want to get into the heart of it without all the details right up front. This is your time and I will follow your lead. I will interject with questions for clarity, if I feel there is something being avoided, or maybe even to satisfy my own curiosity. However, remember you are in control at all times. You are always allowed to “not go there” unless you are ready.

Ending the Appointment

My Spot / Your View

The first session will often feel like we barely covered the tip of the iceberg. My hope for the visit is that you feel heard.

The therapy process is a unique situation where you are the topic of discussion. It is not the give and take of a friendship or family relationship, but rather a deep dive into your outer and inner world.

At the end of the appointment I will check in to hear how you feel about the whole process. It is okay at this time to let me know if the experience is what you expected, is what you desired, and is something you want to continue. If you don’t feel like it is a good fit, that’s okay and I will do my best to recommend a better fit for you. If you do want to continue in the process, I will jump on my calendar and we will schedule a time for the next appointment. When someone is first starting the therapy process, we usually schedule the following week.

The Payment

If you are using insurance, your claim for the session will be sent in by the end of the week. I will wait until your insurance processes your claim to see what is covered and then your card on file will be processed for the co-payment and whatever amount has been left to deductible. If you are self-pay, your card on file will be charged by the end of the week.

My fees for in-office visits are dictated by any agreement I have with your insurance company if I am a provider for them. Otherwise, in-office cash pay and out-of-network fees are $150 per clinical session.

Here’s to a new adventure!

Dr. Guess (Judy is fine)

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